Hailing from the musical mecca of Brooklyn, NY; Kobie was contrived to be a star. Growing up in the big city has taught him durability, hard work and if you don’t have the trust in yourself and alacrity, you will fall short every time. With this strong determination to win, Kobie wanted to pursue his passion at a very young age. His biggest challenge was embracing himself, his power, and his potential. Understanding these aspects of himself, allowed him to unlock his true potential to create music that is true to who he really is. The process of full embrace has been a constant journey that he finds himself on. His journey begins like most, singing locally for family and friends and single-handedly stealing the show. His mother recalls Kobie getting upset during his adolescent years when he would sing a song in the car and someone else sang along with him. She was constantly persuasive for Kobie to enroll in his middle school talent show. His performance concluded with a standing ovation from the crowd. Kobie signals that moment as his coming of age. The rush of energy he received from the crowd was unmatched. He wanted to continue to engage in that exchange of energy and take it to the next level to help elevate people in that space.

Throughout his journey, Kobie faced a lot of setbacks and obstacles in what many considered an over-populated career path. He overcame opposition by facing it head-on. One acronym he holds dear is F.A.I.L., which means: “First Attempt In Learning“. Using this, he has learned to accept failures and not be ashamed or feel guilty but to embrace the feeling and seek wisdom in the lesson. This learning process is extremely helpful to overcome anything in his pursuit of self-awareness and personal growth in life. In 2018, Kobie released his first single, “Skip,” and followed up with an EP entitled Better Days in 2019. His social following skyrocketed as the world began to pay attention. To maintain his newfound fame, Kobie started releasing several remixes to other artist’s songs on Soundcloud and YouTube and solidified his name in the R&B conversation.

The following year is when he began to see the fruits of his labor by securing the opening act position for award-winning artists like Omarion, Swizz Beats, Justine Skye, PnB Rock, and more. More notably, he was one of the few independent artists selected to perform at the notorious BET Awards. In such a short time, the car karaoke soloist was now undeniable. Catching the ear of Dutch DJ, Afrojack, his partner company LDH flew Kobie out to Japan to get the first take of the young phenom.

Currently, you can find Kobie’s music on all streaming sites and he is working on new music for the upcoming year.

“What inspires me is the vision I see every day of myself stepping into the power and potential that I know I have and the excitement I get when people can relate to and feel the music I create. It inspires me on the deepest level when I know a song I made has impacted someone positively.” – Kobie